NFAS Champs Entry
3D Champs
25th and 26th May 2019
Thoresby Park, Netherfield Lane, Newark NG22 9WH

Welcome to our online Champs Entry System


Avoid using your browser's BACK button during the application.
Our card processing is done by Cardsave on their website. If you encounter a problem after you have entered your payment details with Cardsave, do not use the BACK button to return to Cardsave - you may find that your card is debited again.
The system should tell you if your payment was successful or not - if it doesn't please contact us.

If you do encounter a problem please make note of the time, date and any errors and email the details to Please do not ring the Champs Administrator.



This system is available to all members who have shot an NFAS National or 3D Champs before.

There will be no refunds after .

If you have not previously shot a Champs you will need to download the entry form (please see main website) and provide proof of attendance at THREE shoots shot in the style intended on entering this Championships. (Score cards signed by the shoot organiser AND from three different clubs/shoots). A 'Statement of Attendance' is not acceptable.

Online applications allow for a maximum of 10 people.

Admin will try to accommodate all requests for shooting with a partner but cannot guarantee this except on medical grounds. Where different styles mean that partners would normally shoot different courses and both partners still wish to shoot together, you must indicate which partner intends to shoot non-competitively (that is on a different course from other archers in his/her bow class). Any request to shoot with another archer/helper on medical grounds requires appropriate medical proof to be provided a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.
A Junior/Cub should, if possible, be shooting the same style as their parent/guardian as this eases the target placement for the Admin team.
Archers who submit demands about who they will/will not shoot with (children, named individuals, etc.) may find their application for a place is not accepted.